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From Viral Phenomenon to Public Relations (PR) Strategy – It’s High Time to Harness the Power of Memes in Modern Marketing.

Want to do PR…? But what if you’ve to consider a fresh and effective approach to PR and ditch these generic Public Relations?

Memes have become a potent tool for successful brand public relations by grabbing audience attention in just a few seconds.

Sharing memes is how millennials communicate with each other and that makes meme marketing the bedrock of easily shareable brand-amplifying content. A 2022 Wavemaker report claims that 55% of 13-to-35-year-olds send memes every week, and 30% send them every day. When millennials & Gen Z occupy 40% of the consumer population, marketers are bound to capitalize on memes for their viral content strategies.

In this era of information overload, these funny, relatable images/videos shared online offer a refreshing and engaging way for brands to communicate with their audience.

Conventional advertising is on the back foot these days and this unconventional marketing strategy has taken the spotlight. 

What started as funny banter is now a full-blown strategy and brands are now rewriting their rulebook of marketing and advertising by leveraging this strategy.

While some brands have mastered meme marketing for their PR…while others are still figuring it out. But, one thing is clear – Every brand is eager to give it a shot!

An exemplification of meme marketing is Zomato!

Zomato’s Independence Day meme made waves with a clever social media post: “Sorry, we aren’t accepting orders anymore – India, 15th August 1947.” Straight to the point and incredibly witty! Isn’t it?

The strategy was smart but quite risky as well. Many missed the context, but it paid off largely as the post got several retweets & shares across social media platforms and Zomato gained a brownie point.

However, creating and sharing witty and relatable memes is only half the battle. Your marketing memes can go down the drain if it does not reach a wider audience.

 To truly succeed, you must crack the algorithm of social media platforms like Instagram to make the most of your PR.

One must prioritize posting regularly and consistently to maintain visibility on the platform.

Keep in mind that… Instagram’s algorithm also considers the relationship between the user and their preferences. Content from accounts that the user interacts with frequently, such as liking their posts or commenting on them, is more likely to be shown to the user.

So, in a nutshell, it’s high time to start creating engaging, relevant, timely marketing memes and effectively leverage social media platforms for your PR and marketing campaigns.